27.45% was our average return in 2018. That's making $227,000 per duplex.
successful investors make more money in much less time. learn the Simple Investment Tactic I used to Make $1.98 million of equity in just 5 years. 
I started with $39,000 and built a portfolio worth $5.17 million in 5 years. Inside I explain the tactic that made this possible. 
Inside you'll learn how we buy properties under market value, and then add value with a small development  for even greater profits. Retail investors can never match these returns. 
Are you making the mistake of investing like a typical retail investor? 
Retail investors pay full retail rates
Your typical investor, they buy at full market value which means they are paying full retail rates. They then cross their fingers and hope that the market grows and that their property increases in value because that is their only plan to make a profit. 

Most retail investors only know how to invest this one way. We call that the buy, hold and pray approach. Because they are praying that the whole property market moves for them and that their property goes up in value with the market too and that they don’t get left behind.

So when you invest this way, you have no control over how you make money and it’s very very slow.

Successful investors play differently
Successful investors, they buy at under market value. So right from the very beginning they start with an equity advantage over the rest of the market place, so they already have profits built in. 

But they don’t stop there. 

They then add value to the property through doing a small development  to make even more money from the same property. Building a property like a duplex that you can subdivide pushes the value up even higher again. 
You can clearly see that for successful investors, the market growth is a bonus, it’s extra money, it’s not essential to growing their portfolio like it is for a typical retail investor.
This is how successful investors make more money in less time. They don’t make the mistake of locking their success into the growth of the market. They keep control of this process by getting into the market with an equity advantage and then adding value to their property with a small development. 
Property Investing is Simple: Get Through Step #3 as Fast as You Can
  • Step 1: Deposit - this can be cash, equity or someone else's equity
  • Step 2: Buy an investment - choosing a property that sets you up not sets you back
  • Step 3: Create Equity - using instant equity, mechanical momentum or market maturity
  •  Step 4: Refinance - this allows you to release your new equity
  •  Step 5: Repeat
The faster you can create equity at step #3 the faster you can grow your portfolio. Instant Equity and Mechanical Momentum allow you to grow a portfolio significantly faster and larger than using market Maturity alone.  
"The people who make real wealth from real estate in Australia have one thing in common, they know how to get their hands on real estate at a wholesale cost."
How We Skip Through Step #3 
$211,000 - $251,000 Instant Equity 
Instant Equity is all about building a property for less than the end valuation. This instantly give you new equity to skip straight through step #3 and move onto your next investment. 
Land Cost: $365,000
Build Cost: $524,000
Total Development Cost: $889,000
Written Appraisals: $550,000-$570,000 per side. $1.1-$1.14 million
Instant Equity: $211,000-$251,000
Return on Cost: 24.8% to 28.2%
Rental Yield: 5.5 to 5.8%. 
After Tax Cash Flow: $6,583 in year 1
$135,000 in 6 mths Mechanical Momentum
Mechanical Momentum is all about riding the stage by stage price increases of professional land developments. Multi-billion dollar companies push prices higher and higher with each new stage 
Stage 1B: $339,000 - I invested in this stage
Stage 1C: $349,000
Stage 1D: $359,000
Stage 1E: $369,000
Stage 1F: $379,000 - $40,000 increase
Next Two Stages: $410,000/lot - $80,000 increase in less than 6 months.  
Recent sale: $135,000 higher than my property (for a house with a 10% smaller floorplan and no pool)
This Client Added $103,000 per Month to his Portfolio
Brodie Hurley: No Spare Time and No Spare Cash
Portfolio Value: $2.17 million
Time Taken: 21 Months
Growth Rate: $103,333/month
Tax Refund: Over $21,000

Brodie works full-time as a boiler maker and has a young family with 3 small children. As a result he has no spare time and no spare cash. 

Using a series of Mechanical Momentum plays in just a 21 month period we added over two million dollars to Brodie's portfolio and right now he is looking at add yet another property to his portfolio. 

He has also seen is usual tax refund of $1,800 increase to over $21,000. That's and additional $403/week in his pocket. Better still, he still has one property under construction so when this is completed he will have even more tax deductions available to him. Meaning that next year his tax refund will be even bigger. 
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